Anita Klasanova | Meet Anita
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Meet Anita

Anita Klasanova, 38, is the founder and food creator at Roo Brands company (est.2012).

She is the creative mind and recipe creator of Roobar and award-winning gluten-free Kookie Cat cookies and Kurabiinica. Lead by the ambition to change her way of eating by creating simple desserts for her kids, Anita started “cooking” in her tiny organic store back in 2009. Today, Roobar is the European leader in the organic raw food bar category, reaching 50 countries on four continents.

Anita is currently a member of the Forbes Woman Society Bulgaria, part of the EY Entrepreneur Winning Women Europe Class of 2017 and selected as one of the innovators of Central and Eastern Europe by Google & Financial Times’s yearly selection of challengers New Europe 100.

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